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Jessie Allen

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Jessie Allen is a 6th generation outdoorswoman and the ranch manager of Allen's Diamond 4 Ranch. She attended yoga teacher training in Thailand and now leads womens wilderness yoga retreats and horseback adventures every summer. Jessie was crowned Miss Wyoming 2014. She is multi-talented: hiker, horsepacker, climber, skier, hunting guide, and more. I cannot think of a better choice for Miss Wyoming!

Jessie is an inspiration and I am so grateful to have found someone that shares the same unique combination of interests!

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Heidi Fergus

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I’m Heidi, a Wilderness Retreat Guide. I offer yoga and horse riding holidays around the world. I've spent 7 years living nomadically. I have been to 35 countries and counting! I studied at Nepal Yoga Academy in 2017 and 2020 to complete my 500 E-RYT certification through the Yoga Alliance. I also own a boarding facility in New Jersey called Holistic Horse Stables since 2019. Lastly, I'm the Founder of Canter Flow Retreats, created to share the magic of adventure and wellness! You can reach me here at or on Instagram @heidifergus

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“I was just watered and brought back to life by a loving sea of healing feminine in the heart of the high desert. To all 60+ thank you for saying yes."  

“It was a full weekend of awakening to the reflection of the diosa in all of us sharing healing and connection through yin yoga, sensual painting, dance soul purpose workshops, photography, sound bathing, and exploration of intuitive breathwork. Right before my performance we all shared a deeply vulnerable, transformative eye-gazing death meditation led by Jade Alectra. Playing music in this state of elation had me feeling like an alchemist wizard playing with magical potions of electric particles of frequency. So lovely to walk with you all. Sharing music with all of you is such an honor and a gift. In being together we unlocked a portal - a new layer of sacred feminine within each of us. Thank you for your reflection. I can’t wait to see you all again and make more magic.“

Ashley / Colorado

“After desert bloom retreat, emotions have been amplified for me. Immediately upon returning home I felt a deep sadness. For saying goodbye to 60 beautiful women who filled my soul more than I could’ve imagined. But also a deep love, for affirming my current life decisions & the path I am on. And for reminding me that deep soulful, loving connections are out there waiting for me. I’m ready!"

Tyema / Colorado

“It was my first time traveling alone for a retreat full of powerful women who I’ve never met. It helped me connect with myself more than I could’ve ever imagined. I learned from all of them, whether they know it or not. Forever thankful for how this experience made me feel and how truly healing it was. It makes me want more for ME.”

“I spent the weekend diving a little deeper into self, as well as connecting with and learning from other beautiful, powerful, sensual women."

Jenny / Illinois

“This land and being around 60 beautiful divine women this past weekend has changed me forever. My soul feels so radiant and my heart is so full. After speaking with these amazing women I could Physically see how all of us were connected even before we had met. Metaphysically calling out a signal… a call for us all to hear. A deep yearning, a deep desire for sacred connections.  There’s a saying… what you want wants you back. I could feel that so strongly at this retreat. Each of us hearing the call, that siren to come out and heal together. These women brought out the best in me. I could say strangers but they felt more like family even at first arrival and meeting. This is not the first time we have all been together. We are creators, we are ancients. Being around such masterpieces of life has changed me so much. I feel the woman that I have always wanted to be coming to the surfacing. For now we she knows… it It is safe. Thank you for guiding me home.

Brigit / Georgia

“I met so many reflections of myself that weekend during eclipse season when I stepped into a retreat of 60 healing women from the internet that I had never met before. Some would call it courage, strange, a “bold move” or a “calling” but if I’m being honest, I have never felt anything more natural and organic and easy in my life. I don’t even know how I ended up there, I was just suddenly… going. On a plane. In a van. In the desert. In the mountains. When I say I met reflections of myself, I say this because that’s how we perceive others, people, and things: as projections of ourselves. I chose to go forward with an open solar plexus (core being, light source, authentic self, personality, sun, Leo energy) to shine my light outward. I held no shame in smiling at every stranger I walked by, hugging and calling them “friend”. Things I would usually receive judgement for, get called weird or “out there” for saying or acting on, I was doing with ease around these women - and it was reciprocated back to me in beautiful, authentic connections. There were a few moments, though, where I had the opportunity to see a part of myself that scared me. A part that was intimidating, intimidated and low vibrational. Shameful. I quickly was able to notice what shifted: I started to stuff myself back down into expectation… It’s easy to make ourselves smaller for the comfortability of others, when that’s how you’ve been taught to love. But that’s not how you love your sister, That’s not how you love your best friend. You don’t make her smaller. You love her like she is a big fucking deal, not just behind closed doors because you’re actually too ashamed to be proud of her publicly, but you love her loudly for the world to see. You love her like she takes up all the space she WANTS TO because she deserves it. I’m reminded there is space for me. There is space for all of my sisters. Every wonderful womb gifted on this planet. There is space for all of her too. And each of us are needed differently, for the same cause. Return to your mother, return to your sisters. The feminine wound is healing, and we need you now."

Laura / Rhode Island


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About Heidi

I'm Heidi Fergus, a Retreat Organizer specializing in wilderness immersion and holistic healing. Some of my offerings include Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Hiking and Equine Experiences

I've ventured to 35 countries as a minimalist with only a 25L backpack in tow. My journey as a leader began while hosting Horseback Trail Rides and Yoga Classes in the heart of Texas. Since then I have formed Holistic Horse Stables in New Jersey and will soon be

opening a school registered with the Yoga Alliance. I am also the Founder of Canter Flow Retreats, created to share the magic of adventure and wellness!

500hr E-RYT Nepal Yoga Academy 2017

Meditation Teacher Certification: Illumination Wellness 2020

Retreat Guide Training with Danielle Bryan 2021

Poisonous Plant Medicine Level 1 & 2 with Kathryn Solie 2022

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