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wild women


What's Included?

4 days/3 nights

Somatic Dance Journey

Guided Workshops

Live Music

Nutritious Meals

Multiple Lodging Options

360° Mountain Views

Sunrise Yoga


Full Moon




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Mars of Sacred Connections is a nomadic creatrix and medicine woman. Based in Ohio, she travels in her home on wheels: a self-converted and artistically designed Skoolie “Rose”. Mars holds certification in Yogic movement, workshop facilitation and ritual offering. Mars has a very earthy and playful spirit, she spreads light everywhere she goes. You can explore her offerings and intuitive readings on instagram at @nomadic_creatrix


Hannah Grace

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Hannah Grace is a somatic practitioner, dance teacher, freebirthing mother and reparenting guide. Her (somatic dance) teaching style is soothing and encouraging for beginners who want to break free from a “freeze response”, and she brings new layers of depth and awareness to those who are experienced/professional dancers. She has a unique talent for facilitating expansion in others. After dancing with her, you will be forever changed

To explore her work visit @webofgrace on Instagram 


Brigit Rose

  • Instagram

Named after the Celtic Goddess of Light, Brigit takes colors aka light frequencies and bends them into beautiful artworks. Her style is surrealistic, ethereal & full of magic. Taking an art class with her truly feels like stepping through a portal into an enchanted forest - where anything is possible. Explore her offerings locally in Savannah, Georgia or visit her instagram @brigitrosearts 


Emily Bruce

  • Instagram

Emily Bruce is an intuitive 

astrologer, advocate for the liberation of women and girls, co-host of the Fifth Element Podcast and Founder of 


Emily first witnessed the sacred magic of women when she served as a live-in house manager of a homeless shelter for pregnant mothers and their babies. That was when she learned women need each other to thrive. There’s a bond that connects all women; it’s the silent understanding and constant unpacking of the little ways our power has been stripped away, and Emily strives to serve as a reminder to reclaim it fully. Attend her events in Phoenix, Arizona or visit her instagram @leorisingbirthkeeping


Breanna Markwell

  • Instagram

Breanna offers sound baths, cacao ceremonies and energy healing. Breanna has such grounded energy, you can tell she has truly dedicated her life to the healing arts. Breanna owns and operates Sundance Face Spa and Own Your Glow Wellness in Colorado. Join her for local gatherings and plant medicine journeys or visit her instagram account to learn more @breanna_sundancefacespa



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Kandi is a yoga teacher in Oregon and a health coach certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has lived a fascinating life and has cultivated a foundation of peace in her daily life. She loves to read, spend time in nature, ride her horse Kaliboo and take adventures with her puppy Nova in her green van called The Road Toad. To learn more about her offerings, check out her business account @holistic.kandi or her personal account @earth.kandi


Laura James

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Laura James is the founder of The Aura Club, an online community with a focus on healing, finding connection through embodiment, self discovery, rituals, writing, dancing, yoga and the auric field. LJ also leads monthly moon circles online, be sure to check them out! She is paving the path for those seeking to repair the relationship with themself and embody their truest, wildest, most expressed Self in this lifetime. Laura is originally from Rhode Island and currently resides in California. You can connect with her on instagram at @allthingsaura


Juju Beaucoup

  • Instagram

Juju is the founder of Good Juju and co-founder of Somatic Series in Salt Lake City, Utah. Good Juju’s ritual oil blends are available at and @good__juju on instagram. Somatic Series events take place in SLC, you can stay in the loop at @somaticseries Juju’s personal page is @juju_beaucoup Juju is lovely. Her work is important, and brings peace to many in Salt Lake City. Juju has lived many lives. She has found a rhythm with the healing the arts, and in service to her community, she leads others back to themselves as well.


Heidi Fergus

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Heidi Fergus, Founder of the Bloom Retreats. I specialize in event planning, wilderness immersion and holistic healing modalities. I am a world traveler (36 countries), yoga teacher and seasoned equestrian. I offer womens retreats, yoga and horse riding holidays around the world, created to share the magic of adventure and wellness! You can reach me here at or on Instagram @heidifergus


Ashley Edwards

  • Instagram

Ashley Edwards is the Founder of iAM Music, a supportive ecosystem for 

Colorado based musicians. Ashley is also a vocalist of Loki Moon and Hello Dollface. She recently returned from a European tour with the group Trees Speak. Ashley’s music sounds like honey. Soulful and cosmic. Connect with her on instagram at @ashleychristineedwards


Chef Bridgette 

  • Facebook

Chef Bridgette Rhaine is based out of Michigan. She is the author of The Kitchen Witch Chronicles. She has a heart of gold and vast knowledge of cooking healthy meals. She is a devoted mother and loves wellness & travel. She is active on Facebook! Connect with her there! @Bridgette Rhaine Stahlhood


Amelia Doll

  • Instagram

Amelia Doll is a Musician, Songwriter, Talented Artist, Painter, Dancer and Buslifer. Amelia lived in Asheville, North Carolina for many years until 2022. She spent the full year of 2023 living on the road, touring full time. She has recently taken up residence in the quaint town of Bisbee, Arizona where she plays live music and paints often. Amelia is whimsical, magical, kind and honest. She is destined for big things. You can listen to her music on Spotify or band camp. Stay in the loop on instagram @ameliadoll.muse


Greta Fergus

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Greta Fergus is present at all Bloom Retreats to support the facilitators and guests. If you have any questions throughout your stay you can ask Greta to connect you with her sister, Heidi the Event Organizer!

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About Heidi

I'm Heidi Fergus, a Retreat Organizer specializing in wilderness immersion and holistic healing. Some of my offerings include Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Bodywork, Birthwork, Hiking, Travel, Plant Medicine and Equine Experiences.

I've ventured to 36 countries as a minimalist with only a 25L backpack in tow. My journey as a leader began while hosting Horseback Trail Rides and Yoga Classes in the heart of Texas. Since then I have formed Holistic Horse Stables in New Jersey and will soon be

opening a school registered with the Yoga Alliance. I am also the Founder of Canter Flow Retreats, created to share the magic of adventure and wellness!

Certifications & Courses
500hr E-RYT Nepal Yoga Academy 2017

Meditation Teacher Certification: Illumination Wellness 2020

Retreat Guide Training: Illumination Wellness 2021

Poisonous Plant Medicine Levels 1&2 with Kathryn Solie 2022

Ancestral Foods with Katya Nova 2022

Tarot Series with Kathryn Solie 2023

Poisonous Plant Medicine Levels 3&4 with Kathryn Solie 2024

Yoga Retreats


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